Decorate Your Desktop: 03

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My desktop was in need of a fresh design, and today is rainy which makes me even more in the mood for cuddles and warm coffee. I think I’ll take a coffee break now. See you tomorrow friends.

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Jamie BartlettDecorate Your Desktop: 03


    1. cheryl   Reply

      I think you'd be proud that in a room of 6 designers (we are in-house museum team) they all are currently using your wallpaper at the same time! It's fun when I look up from my computer (yes, I had to share!)
      Thanks again… (Happy Birthday to Pixel, he's grown into quite a handsome guy!!!)

  1. Crown @ Robinson   Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Jamie! My desktop too is indeed looking for a fresh wallpaper. By the way, I was just wondering why some of my comments here are removed, while some spammy comments remain? IS there something wrong with the comment section?