Learning Life Lessons Over Stale Popcorn

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Last night we went out and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. As soon as it came out back in December I knew I wanted to see it. We missed it while it was in theatres, but I saw that it was showing at the cheap theater in Pasadena. So we thought why not give it a try. The chairs were rickety and the popcorn was stale but that wasn’t about to ruin this movie for me. From the trailer I knew I would love it and I was right. It was funny, creative, and inspiring. There’s this scene where he rides a longboard down a beautiful road in Iceland. It’s just gorgeous and it made me wish I wasn’t so afraid of going fast on my longboard. They’ve got to have flat roads in Iceland too, right? It made me want to travel, to be adventurous and explore the unknown, to take risks, and to go out and live life how we imagine it to be in our dreams. I can’t wait to watch it again when I don’t have to worry about cockroaches crawling on my feet.

Jamie BartlettLearning Life Lessons Over Stale Popcorn


  1. Dusty   Reply

    I too have been wanting to see it since I saw the trailer for the first time. I too missed it in theaters. I seriously just can't wait!! I love a good inspirational comedy!

  2. Liz   Reply

    Okay I have to ask…are you using a tablet to hand-letter these? I LOVE the brush stroke you are using here and would love to know which one you're using if you're willing to share! It's beautiful.

  3. next door Laura   Reply

    I liked Walter Mitty too.

    Sounds like your trip to the budget theater was a step in the right direction of embarking on risky adventures.

    We don't have to go as far as Iceland to find them.

  4. Julie Kuberski   Reply

    Totally felt the same way about this movie. It was so inspiring + still had its hilarious moments. Ben Stiller was perfect in his role, too. It made me want to live with wild abandon + do all the things I love because you just gotta live.