Valentine’s Day

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Yesterday was Jake’s and my first Valentine’s as a couple. Since I have never dated anyone besides Jake it was also the first Valentine’s that ever really applied to me. It was both a hard day and wonderful day. Since Jake isn’t at JBU this semester it was hard not being able to spend the day together. It was hard seeing all the other couples on campus spending time with their significant other when I couldn’t do that with mine. However Jake always finds a way to make everything ok. He never fails to show me just how much he loves me. Yesterday to my surprise I received a dozen beautiful roses along with a little note from my fiance. They are now on display in my room for everyone to see, but most importantly they are there so that every time I look at them I am reminded how I am loved by the most amazing man in the world…Jake Bartlett

random fact: Our first date was on Valentines day our freshman year when Jake asked me to go to the J. Alvin loves Mayfield dinner. We started dating almost a year and a half later.

Jamie BartlettValentine’s Day