Door Headboard

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Last weekend Jake and I started our first DIY project (we have many more ideas in mind). We decided that we were going to make a headboard for our bed. We had been looking at beds, but we couldn’t find anything that we really liked. When all else fails, we just make it ourselves. We came up with the idea to use an old wooden door. Well we thought we came up with it, but it turns out many people have done it before. So we found directions online and started searching for the perfect door. We ended up finding one for just $8. It was a little rough on the outside, but nothing a little TLC couldn’t take care of. From there we went to work. We cleaned it up, sanded it down, filled in many holes with wood filler, sanded some more and finally painted it. We also had to do some cutting, so we used a electric saw to cut the ends of the door in our apartment! It was so loud. I’m pretty positive that’s not allowed, but we closed all the windows and blinds so I hope we didn’t bother anyone. Then we had to screw boards to the bottom like legs for support and attach wire to the back for hanging. After a few more final touches, we hung it up and voilà! We have a headboard.
We had a lot of fun doing this project together. For the most part, we made it up as we went along, but I think it turned out great. It was just what we wanted and we were able to upcycle an old lonely door in the process.
bonus points: Can you tell who the two silhouettes are of? Yep that’s us! We painted them ourselves.

Jamie BartlettDoor Headboard