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Jake and I were reading through our blogs this morning and we saw that Danni from Oh Hello Friend had posted a list of 12 things that she waned to accomplish before 2012. She invited all her readers to join her and set goals for themselves! Jake and I took up the challenge. I love making lists and setting goals. It really inspires and encourages you to get something done once you’re permanently committed to it by marking it on a list. You can check out Danni’s list and learn more about the Twelve by 2012 project here.
We will share our progress as we check off items from our list. If you’re making a list I would love for you to share it! We only have 79 day left…let’s do it!
Here is our list:

1. Design our Christmas card
2. Make Christmas decorations…anyone have any suggestions?
3. Organize/create an inspiring work space
4. Advertise our design work
5. Get outside more
6. Organize our closet…this is long overdue
7. Make these picture frames
8. Learn a Christmas song on my Ukelele
9. Finish and develop the roll of film in my Grandpa’s old Leica camera
10. Go to Disneyland when it’s all decorated for Christmas
11. Make an apple pie
12. Build a snowman…this one will have to wait until we go to Michigan for Christmas.

Image Source: Oh Hello Friend

Jamie BartlettTwelve before 2012


  1. joanna   Reply

    Thanks for checking out my list! I can't wait to see how #3 turns out… I'll need some inspiration for my new apartment. 🙂 Also, #11 sounds SO yummy right now. Good luck!!

  2. Donaville   Reply

    *so* envious you have access to a Leica camera (they're so beautiful!). Best of luck to you on accomplishing your goals before 2012 🙂 we can do this!

    p.s. you have quite the lovely blog, too. look out for an email for me in the near future re: featuring your work on discover paper 🙂

  3. Helen   Reply

    I'm 12/12ing as well. It's so fun to see what everyone else is doing- and how different AND similar our lists are! I can't wait to get started. 🙂

    (Also, ukulele=awesome. And I looove your blog header!)

  4. Emily   Reply

    If you like, just name a Saturday and I will come help you organize the closet and workspace. It is absolutely the LEAST I can do to thank you for all the Photoshop help you've given me. (Plus, I think it's fun.)

  5. oh, hello friend.   Reply

    Hi Jamie & Jake! So good to have you join along! 🙂 Love all the design and diy projects you have set in your goals, we should totally go to disneyland together, Nick & I just got a pass! #3 made it to so many lists, wouldn't it be awesome if we all finished them and blogged about all our organized/inspiring workspaces together? Hope you guys get all these done by 2012 – thanks so much for joining along and participating in the project! – Danni