Embroidered Typography

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I alway love finding a new craft medium to learn and experiment with. I never would have guessed embroidery would ever be one of those. That is until I came across all this beautiful embroidered type. These aren’t your average grandmother’s designs. 
I first came accross all kinds of embroidery lettering patterns over on imprint. There are enough letters there to inspire you for any type project you’ll ever do. The best part is, Public Collectors has provided a free download of Elsie Svennas’s A Handbook of Lettering For Stitchers

Source Maricor Maricar
I can’t get enough of this Sweater Letter Project from Maricor Maricar. There is so much detail in each little letter.
Source: Merri Weather Council
Source: Posie Rosy Little Things
I really want to give embroidery a try. I already have a simple little project in the works that I’m going to give a shot. Be on the look out for that later this week!
Jamie BartlettEmbroidered Typography


  1. Katie   Reply

    I adore embroidery. The last image is most definitely my favorite. I am in love. I am one that has to keep my hands busy even when movie watching with the mr, and embroidery is perfect for that. It is so simple and so satisfying!

    1. Katie   Reply

      Unfortunately no. My mother-in-law actually got me started and taught me, and I have pretty much just tried to figure it out from there.If I hear of anything good I will keep you in mind! [My Nicholas also doesn't understand the busybody in me…but he deals with it. 🙂 ]