Finders Keepers: Affordable Decor

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towel / lamp / rug / art
I’ve said it probably a thousand times before, but I love decorating my apartment with affordable things. But that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on beautiful pieces. Last weekend we did some Christmas shopping at World Market. Every time I go to World Market I fall in love with that store more and more. It’s like an affordable Anthropologie! I LOVE Anthropologie but we all know that sometimes it’s more of a splurge. So anyway there we were Christmas shopping when I came across a few items that I just couldn’t pass up, the hand towel and rug. Our poor little downstairs half bathroom has been neglected ever since we moved in a year and a half ago. It was time I put something in there to spruce it up and these two items were perfect! I also love that lamp! I think it would be perfect for our office since desk space is prime real estate. And last and certainly least (because it’s FREE) is this beautiful downloadable art piece. The only cost is printing. I need to find a spot for this in my apartment ASAP.
Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Affordable Decor


  1. stoneandfeather   Reply

    I have that rug! Its super pretty and has lasted for a couple of years. Word of warning though…avoid washing if you can help it. At least in the washing machine. Its a funny texture now and not quite as pretty.