Selfie Photo Session

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When it comes time to get our Christmas card ready every year there is always the dilemma of should we hire a photographer or grab some friends to snap a few photos. This year we didn’t do either. Instead, one Sunday after church we headed over to the park, set up our camera and tripod, and snapped a few family photos. Ok it was a lot more than a few. It turns out it’s pretty tricky to get Pixel sitting and looking at the camera or at least in the general direction when there is no one behind the camera to get his attention. He was such a trooper though. These are our favorites from our little selfie session. Let’s be honest though, the last one is the best. I laugh every time I see it! All three of us weren’t ready for that one.

Jamie BartlettSelfie Photo Session


  1. Lene Christensen   Reply


    I have been following your blog for a while, so i kind of feel i know you guys 😉
    Accompanied by morning coffee, the smiles generated by your wonderful images kicks off a rainy december morning in Denmark in all positive ways.

    Merry Christmas – happy new year – and a woof to Pixel

    Lene from Denmark

    1. apairofpears   Reply

      Lena thanks for your comment! You are so sweet. It's so awesome to know that we get to help kick of people's day and all the way in Denmark! Have a wonderful 2014 and thank you so much for sharing in our adventures with us.