Five things for 2015

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I can already tell 2015 is going to be a big, exciting year for us. So much has happened in the last few months leading up to it. I won’t get into it all now but know that a big fat update is coming your way. Until then here are five things we’re going to do to get the most out of 2015.

Creating is something that comes very natural for Jake and I. It’s our careers. We do it every day. But this year I want to also create for ourselves. Create things that inspire us, create things for fun. Create things just for us. We already have a running list of ideas so every Friday we are going to try our best to take a creative day where, as long as client projects permit, we will be working on projects all our own.

Chaos and clutter seem to escalate when you live in a small apartment. This year we’re simplifying. First up is some major decluttering. We’re getting rid of things we don’t need or don’t use enough to take up the valuable space in our apartment. Also I found this 30-Day Minimalism Challenge that I can’t wait to start. Anyone else in?

More day trips please. Sometimes I forget taking a trip doesn’t mean you have to hop on a plane or drive for 10 hours straight. There are a ton of places we can explore and still be home in time for dinner.

There is so much stuff I want to learn like how to make really good real ramen (recipe anyone?), or how to weave, and I’d love to get good at sewing. The list goes on and on. Skillshare will definitely be a part of our learning this year along with all those tutorials I’ve pinned.

And lastly, we want to take the time to enjoy where we’re at and get out of the habit of just getting things done and moving on. We want to learn how to plan for the future but live in the moment.

What are your five things you want out of 2015?

Jamie BartlettFive things for 2015


  1. Kristine   Reply

    I saw the minimalism challenge on Into Mind as well! I would love to do it but something about the idea of simplifying totally overwhelms me! I will definitely have to make time for it.

  2.   Reply

    That minimalism challenge sounds like just the thing I need!! My five things for 2015 would include getting out of my box – challenging myself in one way or another, learning by reading different books on some topics of interest to me (health, fitness, and self-improvement), spiritual- going to church more and learning more about my faith, adventure- travel somewhere unique to me (preferably Spain this year!), and appreciation- learning to really value and appreciate where I am, and not compare myself to others.

  3. Meghann Chapman   Reply

    This is a good list. Similar to mine. Instead of having so many exact end goals, I just want to improve in some areas and do more in others. I love the minimalism challenge. That's one of my husband and I's team goals for the year. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lana @ The Truth About Blondes   Reply

    I have developed my own way of making Ramen. 🙂 I use the chicken flavored kind, put in the seasoning, some chopped veggies or frozen stir fry veggies, red pepper flakes, and some montreal chicken seasoning, or another chicken seasoning. Also, I've used the chicken flavored ramen and dropped an egg in the pot while it's cooking. Other recipes I've tried are chopped kale and shredded chicken thrown in the mix. Even just plain old chicken flavored ramen with pepper flakes. It's all good!