Resurfaced Dining Table

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Jamie and I have wanted to refinish our dining room table ever since we got it on craigslist. It was only $30, but there was definitely a reason for that. There was plenty of gunk and stains on the surface, plus the legs were scuffed up. We also have been meaning to hang a lamp above the table instead of sitting a table lamp on top. So we’ve finally gotten around to tackling our little dining room project, and now we can show you how it all went.
The first thing we had to do was strip the surface of the table. It was actually pretty fun, and we got to wear some sweet gear.

Once we finished that, we had to sand and stain the wood. Even after just the sanding, the table looked so much nicer than it was before.

Then we printed out a stencil design, put it on top of rows of painters tape, cut it out with an x-acto knife, taped it to the surface and painted away!

Jamie did a little touch up afterwards. Next, we painted the legs and sides of the tabletop.

As a finishing touch, we added a new ceiling lamp and called it good. After all of our hard work, we sat down at our rustic chic, upcycled dining table, and ate some toy story shaped mac and cheese, and applesauce.
JakeResurfaced Dining Table


  1. Veronica   Reply

    I have to tackle my table as well! It also cost me nothing but the stain of the wood is sooo ugly but I'll eventually do it. However the project I'm working on know is my desk, it's white and want to paint a silver chevron pattern on it but can find the right way to do it. I was wondering how did you cut the painters tape without damaging the wood?

  2. apairofpears   Reply

    We actually laid the painter tape in strips on a cutting board, cut it out and the carefully removed it one letter at a time and re-taped it on the table. It helps to lay a strip over the ends of the strips of tape to hold them all together.

  3. Anonymous   Reply

    Thank You so much for this!! I just painted a child table and chair set I purchased from a thrift store. I've been thinking of ideas to personalize it and I think I've found it!! I am going to put my daughters name on it. I will be sure to show you all the before and after.