What a Year it has Been

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Wow I can’t believe it has been a year since Jake and I were married. I thought that day would never come. Now it has come and gone. May, 15 2010 in Traverse City, MI was our day. I thought since we’ve never really posted any pictures from our wedding, it would be nice to reminisce a little. Jake and I had so much fun planning our wedding and making (literally) everything the way we wanted it. It was a beautiful day. 
After the ceremony the Bridal party headed downtown to get pictures taken. Jake and I had made mustaches and lips on sticks to use as props. Everyone had fun with those. With the help of our friends and family, we made all the decorations and centerpieces for the reception. Instead of cake, we decided to have cupcakes decorated with typographic Js, &s and B circles. My Brother-in-Law built us a custom stand and he even surprised us by putting pears on it. Jake of course had mustaches on his cupcakes. We had good food, good cake, and good company. Everyone worked really hard to make our day perfect (especially our moms). I can’t thank everybody enough. We had so much fun.
Jamie BartlettWhat a Year it has Been