Knitting 101

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Lately I’ve been in a mood for Fall. Fall is my favorite season. You get to start wearing warmer clothes and drinking hot apple cider. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I love all things Fall! I came across a bunch of knitted items and thought they were so lovely, so in an effort to help Fall hurry up and get here, I decided to learn how to knit (or rather re-learn). I taught myself back in high school, but forgot everything. In my quest to re-learn knitting I found this blog called Craft Snob where there are videos on the basics of knitting. They we so easy to follow that I re-learned all the basics last night! The headband pictured below is first on my list to make. My friend Erika also knits, so I think a knitting night will be in the works very soon.

Source Left to Right: 1. Cozy Blanket;  2. Headband;  3. Men’s Tie;  4. Semolina Octopus;  5. Tea Cozy;  
6. Peruvian Legwarmers;  7. Lace Legwarmers

Some of these projects are probably out of my reach for a while, but I can dream. Jake and I are headed to Michigan for Christmas this year. It’s the perfect excuse to learn something new for the cold weather.

Jamie BartlettKnitting 101


  1. Lynnette   Reply

    If you don't know about go now! Such a wealth of patterns and projects to get you excited about knitting! If you sign up, you can find me as "knittingnettsie"

  2. Jill   Reply

    i find myself wanting to "pin" to pinterest everything you blog these days. and i really want that headband! i should probably learn to knit. i love everything knitted.