DIY Dog Scarf

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you will need: yarn in two colors number 8 knitting needles scissors yarn needle If you don’t know how to knit, check out the Howcast for helpful videos on how to knit. STEP 1: Cast on an even number of stitches. I did 20 stitches. You can do more or less depending on the size of your dog. Using a Rib


Jamie BartlettDIY Dog Scarf

DIY Kick

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Ever since my parents came and helped me with all those diy projects, I keep coming up with more and more things I want to do. It’s so satisfying making things yourself. I probably should take it one project at a time before I get burnt out. These are on my current to do list. Cork Board Pencil Sweater Aren’t


Jamie BartlettDIY Kick

Knitting 101

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Lately I’ve been in a mood for Fall. Fall is my favorite season. You get to start wearing warmer clothes and drinking hot apple cider. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I love all things Fall! I came across a bunch of knitted items and thought they were so lovely, so in an effort to help Fall hurry up


Jamie BartlettKnitting 101