Finders Keepers: Coffee Joulies

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Source: Joulies
I have this problem; every morning while we are reading our daily blogs, we enjoy a cup of fresh coffee. However, it takes me a good 20-30 minutes to drink my cup. I hardly ever end up finishing it, because by the time there are a few sips left, the remainder of my coffee is cold. I can’t stand cold coffee…yuck.
This week’s find would solve all my problems, or at least that one. Joulies, when placed in your coffee, absorbe the hot energy to cool your coffee to a drinkable temperature. As your coffee cools, they release that energy back into your coffee, keeping it warm. How brilliant is that? They are still in the production stage, but if you want to know more they have a video on there site. You can check it out here
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Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Coffee Joulies