Finders Keepers: ROK Espresso Machine

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Just the other day I was scrolling through my instagram feed and came across a photo Melissa from The Faux Martha had posted. All her pictures are beautiful by the way and you should definitely follow her if you’re on instagram. Anyway this time the photo she snapped was of her yummy latte she had just made with her new


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: ROK Espresso Machine

French Press Iced Coffee

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Sometimes Mondays call for more than the usual one cup of coffee in the morning. But around here the temperatures are steadily rising and I just don’t have any desire to put something hot in my body when I’m already starting to sweat. Instead we make iced coffee. Problem solved. Here’s how we make it. If you plan on adding sugar to your


Jamie BartlettFrench Press Iced Coffee

Finders Keepers: The Portland Press

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You know from Monday’s post how much Jake and I like our coffee. Ever since Christmas when my parents got me a french press we have retired our coffee pot and now only make coffee in our french press. Mostly because it tastes better that way but also because it takes up less room on our little apartment sized kitchen counters. This Portland Press


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: The Portland Press

His & Hers: Morning Coffee

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Every morning we have a cup of coffee. Not something fancy from Starbucks — just what we make at home. Jake always get’s up first to make it while I grab a few extra minutes of sleep until I hear the coffee grinder. It’s the best way to start our day.   What do you put in your coffee? (or are you


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Morning Coffee

Handsome Coffee

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Here at the Bartlett house we love a good cup of coffee; but something we love even more is a well designed coffee brand to go along with it. Handsome Coffee Roasters is one of the best I’ve seen yet. It’s rustic, handmade and definitely handsome. That’s about everything I need to enjoy a good brew. Great work ptarmak. Now we just


Jamie BartlettHandsome Coffee

How to Ice Your Iced Coffee

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Katie Deedy: How to Ice Your Iced Coffee from maxwell gillingham-ryan on Vimeo. A pretty simple and brilliant tip I found on Apartment Therapy today. 

Jamie BartlettHow to Ice Your Iced Coffee

A Few of My Favorite Things

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1. Erika gave me this lovely candle from Anthropologie for my birthday last week. The color fits perfectly into my living room decor and the scent is devine.  2. That’s our little Pixel. Yeah, I just can’t get enough of him.  3. My dad brought his french press on his trip to visit us. It was such a treat. I could get


Jamie BartlettA Few of My Favorite Things

Finders Keepers: Cuppow

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Ok, are you ready for this weeks Finders Keepers? Because it sure is a keeper. Cuppow is one of the best inventions I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a drinking lid for a mason jar! Simple, right? Yep, but also brilliant. There are so many great uses for mason jars these days. Anything from serving dessert–to your weekend craft


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Cuppow

Finders Keepers: Coffee Joulies

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Source: Joulies I have this problem; every morning while we are reading our daily blogs, we enjoy a cup of fresh coffee. However, it takes me a good 20-30 minutes to drink my cup. I hardly ever end up finishing it, because by the time there are a few sips left, the remainder of my coffee is cold. I can’t stand cold coffee…yuck.


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Coffee Joulies

Morning Brew: Morning Brew

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Source: *Cinnamon It’s been very gloomy the last few mornings; and particularly this morning. When there’s not much sunlight shining when you first wake up, I’ve just got to have a hot cup of coffee to encourage me to start my day. Making our morning coffee is definitely my full responsibility in our home. Sometimes Jamie doesn’t even hear the


JakeMorning Brew: Morning Brew