Chai Tea Latte

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I am loving my new work space! It feels like a place I can call my own. Yesterday I was working at my desk and I decided I wanted something warm to drink. I was really craving a nice chai tea latte. Of course, I didn’t have any. So I quickly looked up a recipe and, to my disappointment, it needed a handful of  spices I didn’t have on hand. I thought about adding the ingredients to my grocery list but instead just decided to be lazy and buy the pre-made concentrate. I picked up some Oregon Chai (the best chai) at the store and made myself some in my favorite mug last night. The nice blend of black tea, honey, vanilla and spices really hit the spot. Jake even drank a cup and liked it. And Jake hates tea!
Jamie BartlettChai Tea Latte


  1. Katherine Ross   Reply

    I love me a good cup of chai, especially Oregon Chai! When I don't have any on hand, I usually zap a mug of milk and mix in a little vanilla, sugar, cinnamon and a sprinkle of nutmeg. It's not exactly chai (or tea) but it totally does the trick for something warm and cinnamon-y.