Cold Brew Coffee Float

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I checked the weather yesterday for the upcoming week and it’s saying it’s going to be in the 90s! We will be in desperate need of some ways to cool down so I came up with what I’m calling a Cold Brew Coffee Float. They are our new favorite treat! I can guarantee we will be scooping up a few


Jamie BartlettCold Brew Coffee Float

I’d Make That

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All this warm weather has put me in the mood to try more Summer friendly foods. I’ll be putting the soup on the back burner until Fall or at least until one of those rare rainy days comes along. Instead I’ll be making: Peanut Pops for those sunny afternoons Hawaiian Hula Pork Fajitas. It’s what’s for dinner tonight and Clementine


Jamie BartlettI’d Make That

Avocado Toast That Kicks

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I’m a little late to both the avocado toast and sriracha bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, I love avocado. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of rule that if you live in California you have to put avocado on everything (which I do). But avocado smeared on bread didn’t seem all that exciting to me and I’m really


Jamie BartlettAvocado Toast That Kicks

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

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Here are some more gift ideas for the foodie in your life. I was pretty excited to discover that Kinfolk came out with a cookbook. And isn’t the label design on that coffee syrup just perfect? 01 Cheese Knives | 02 Coffee Art Print | 03 Wishbone Bottle Opener | 04 The Kinfolk Table  05 Dave’s Coffee Syrup

Jamie BartlettHoliday Gift Guide for Foodies

Top-Notch Roasted Veggie Tostada (Gluten Free)

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When I tell people that I’m doing the WundaBody Challenge one of the first things they ask is “what do you eat”? I can’t blame them though. I thought the same thing at first. Over the last eight weeks I’ve made lots of yummy meals that are dairy, gluten, soy, egg, sugar, corn and peanut free. But today I’m going


Jamie BartlettTop-Notch Roasted Veggie Tostada (Gluten Free)

So Long Sweet Summer

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S’mores Mug Cake | S’mores Pancakes | S’mores Pie Nothing says summer better than a s’more. I love these things. I love sitting around a campfire with friends, I love the smell of smoke and I love trying to toast the mallow just right (in my case a nice golden brown and a tad burnt). So now that summer is


Jamie BartlettSo Long Sweet Summer

Fresh Summer Salsa

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When warm weather comes around I love munching on fresh salsa. Let’s be honest, I did a little munching in between photos. Can you blame me? In my opinion the fewer ingredients their are, the better. Who wants to shop for 50 things that only make up one dish? Not me! There’s nothing fancy about this recipe. Just fresh, easy and soooo good.


Jamie BartlettFresh Summer Salsa

In Motion: Panera Bread

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Jamie and I love eating at Panera Bread. I typically get a broccoli cheddar bread bowl, and she loves the chicken and wild rice soup. Today I found an awesome video Panera made telling some of their story through a Rube Goldberg machine. Check it out below: Panera Bread from 1stAveMachine on Vimeo. When a company makes a commercial this good, I have no


JakeIn Motion: Panera Bread

Trader Joe’s Packaging

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I love grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s for many reasons. It’s walking distance from our apartment. They have less options; which means faster/easier shopping for a girl who always wants to see all her options before she picks anything. Their ingredient lists often only has a few items listed, all off which I can recognize/pronounce. And I love shopping there


Jamie BartlettTrader Joe’s Packaging

Pantone Pairings

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Have you seen these Pantone Pairings by David Schwen? They are so clever. I love it when designers step away from the computer and play with tangible things. I really should challenge myself to do that more often. I’m not sure I could come up with something this good though. I guess I won’t know until I try. As Barney


Jamie BartlettPantone Pairings

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