Elephant Pancakes

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I love elephants and pancakes. I could eat this one right up it’s so cute. Really though I love all breakfast food. So naturally I’m a big fan of brinner (breakfast for dinner). We’ve decided to make it a weekly tradition to have waffles on Thursday nights in honor of our favorite tv show, Parks & Recreation because on the show Leslie Knope holds a special place in her heart for the local diner’s waffles. 
We have a really nice waffle iron, but I’m still not completely satisfied with the flavor of the recipes I’ve tried. I would gladly except suggestions if you have a favorite you’re up for sharing!
Jamie BartlettElephant Pancakes


    1. apairofpears   Reply

      It's the cutest! I could eat these every morning. I'm not sure how they made it, but if I were to try I would just make sure the pan was pretty hot so the batter cooks as soon as you pour it (less spreading). Then just try and draw the shapes. You should try!