An Illustrated Holiday Weekend

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Welcome back from the weekend everyone! We hope yours treated you well; Jake and I sure enjoyed ours. A few weeks back, Katherine from Gathered Heart posted her grocery list as an illustration. It was so cute and it’s been forever since I’ve taken the time to draw so I thought I would take a shot at illustrating our weekend.

Our friends Jake and Erika spent all day Saturday with us helping us get ready for our Christmas party. We made all kinds of goodies together. At one point we tried drying chocolate dipped candy canes by hanging them on a clothes hanger. In theory it should’ve worked,  but wasn’t so successful in reality. We always have a lot of fun (and laughs) with them.

The party was a success! All of our friends came over and we enjoyed each others company while sipping delicious hot chocolate, putting together a puzzle and playing games. And of couse everyone had a blast with the white elephant gift exchange. I don’t know how our friends come up with their gift ideas, but they are always great. I got a toy that launches little plastic babies, called a baby shooter. Now tell me that isn’t entertaining! After our gift exchange we all watched Elf (now a Christmas tradition).

Then to top it all off, Jake and Erika asked us both to be in their wedding! We are so SO excited and honored. I can already tell from what they have planned that this wedding is going to be amazing!

Jamie BartlettAn Illustrated Holiday Weekend

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