The Story of Jess & Russ

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We used to wake up every day, drink our morning coffee, and read our favorite blogs. But ever since we brought Pixel home our routine has changed a bit. We still have our coffee, but browsing blogs has kind of fallen by the wayside. Pixel demands our attention most mornings.

A few days ago I sat down and pulled up my google reader to see all the blogs I’m subscribed to and started going through all the ones I haven’t read in a while. I went to Katherine’s blog Gathered Heart and started reading all the past posts I had missed, when I saw the coolest most amazing thing EVER!

Back in the beginning of July, Katherine posted Jessica Hiche’s wedding website:! We’ve posted about Jessica a few times here on our blog. She is one of our favorite designers and typographers. I was so excited to see what she came up with. And wow it did not disappoint. The way the site functions is so awesome. It is one of the best websites I’ve ever seen.

Jamie BartlettThe Story of Jess & Russ