Our Weekend

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Once again Jake and I had a lovely weekend together. Saturday morning I decided to start the weekend right with some yummy caramelized apple oatmeal. It was really delicious. I wouldn’t mind another bowl right now in fact. 
Later that day we headed over to a pumpkin patch to celebrate our friend Dana’s birthday. I found the cutest baby pumpkin. It was only one dollar so I couldn’t pass it up. We also had to run to target for a few things. I spotted these knitted heart mittens. It’s hard to justify buying them living in southern California; but I did wear them when I got out of bed this morning because it was so chilly in our house. That’s putting them to good use right?
On Sunday we went to a local park and had fun taking cutesy pictures with friends. I’ll be posting some of those later this week. 
Oh and believe it or not we started another DIY project that I am really excited about. Unfortunately we couldn’t find everything we needed locally and had to order a few things online. 
That was our weekend. I hope you had good one too!
Jamie BartlettOur Weekend

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