Decorate Your Desktop: 02

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I thought it was about time to do another wallpaper design. I won’t always to designs with quotes but this one really speaks to me. I really love it. I think we tend to put a lot of value on keeping busy and filling up every spot on our calendar. Maybe in a way it makes us feel important. I think we have it all backwards. We should savor every moment we have and not keep rushing from one thing to the next.

I challenge you to make some time in your calendar this week to just be quite and relax. Go grab a cup of coffee and just sit. Don’t peek at your phone or check facebook. Just be present wherever you are at. It’s pretty refreshing.

And as a way to keep each other accountable, I would love to see what you did to slow down this week. Post a picture to instagram and tag it with #theslowdownproject. I know, I know, I just said no phones so post it before or after. I think sharing pictures will be a fun way to encourage each other to slow down and maybe even give each other some good ideas.

I’ll share some of them next week here on the blog.

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Jamie BartlettDecorate Your Desktop: 02