I Have a Creative Cold

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It’s just been one of those weeks. I’ve been struggling all week to pull even an ounce of creativity from my little head and haven’t got much to show for it. I’ve been feeling uninspired, unmotivated and just plain unproductive. I could probably add a few more “uns” but my brain is shot just thinking of those three. The sad thing is I don’t even have a good reason to feel this way. I have no excuse. Oh boy what am I going to do with myself. I guess just make the best of it and hope for a better day tomorrow. One thing I’ve learned about being a creative is that you can’t force it and sometimes stressing about it just makes it worse and slower coming.

You feel me? Got any advice for treating a creative cold? Ooh I just came up with that on the spot! I think I’m already starting to get over it.

Jamie BartlettI Have a Creative Cold


  1. Bagladee   Reply

    Yeah I get like that at times too, sometimes I go take a nap or do something completely different to change my train of thought. Sometimes if I do something like chores it kick starts my mojo. Hope you're feeling 'back in the groove' soon.
    Emma x

  2. Helen Strydom   Reply

    Funny that your post should come up today, as I've just been reading about Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies (thanks to a piece on BBC Radio 4). They are these cards with suggestions for breaking a spell of writer's block, or in his case, musician's block. Example:"Take away as much mystery as possible. What is left?" Look them up on Wikipedia…

  3. Corina Nika   Reply

    Oh my god, i'm exactly there right now. Well all week actually? Do you think it's a flu? Haha i don't know, i feel like all my creativity has been drained out of me. You know what i know? We've been creating like crazy and at some point it's just ends. We need a good break. Like a week or something, to clear our minds and miss designing just a bit.

  4. eric   Reply

    i am sorry you feel BLAH. I have felt the same since I broke up with my exBF. I hope you feel better soon. One thing: can you share the name of the font used for "blahs"?

  5. Anonymous   Reply

    I have a creative non-profit art job, so I get really energized and feel creative in the morning at work when I check all my favorite art blogs/sites, eager to get home and create, but by 5:30 I'm drained and feel discouraged by my house chores/errands. It's been a bad cycle that I hope to break out of soon since I'm trying to put a portfolio together for grad school!

  6. Branwen   Reply

    My mum used to say "feed a cold and starve a fever" – so I prescribe food, drink, a walk, window shopping, book reading, crappy matinee film watching – to feed your brain with stuff other than that you are trying to be creative about. Go back to basics too, look at some work you did early on, the stuff that made you say "this is what I want to do for a living". Creative colds have a habit of leaving as quickly as they arrive. Get better soon.