Confessions from the Girl Who’s Always Cold

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I spent most of my life in Michigan and Colorado. That makes me pretty used to the cold right? WRONG. That’s what everyone seems to think and are surprised when I’m complaining I’m cold in weather I guess I’m not supposed to be cold in. But it’s not California that has made me soft. I’ve always been this way. So while the rest of the country is literally freezing, I just feel like I am.

Sometimes I bake cookies just so the oven will heat up the apartment.

Sometimes I blowdry my already dry hair and the rest of my body to warm up.

Sometimes I heat up a mug of water so I have something warm to hold.

Sometimes I drink that water.

Sometimes I use the laptop instead of my desktop so I have something warm on my lap and it’s an extra good day when the fans turn on because the computer is overheating.

Sometimes I turn on the heating pad and keep it on my legs while I work all day.

Sometimes I cuddly with my pup so I can steal his heat.

You do what you got to do.

I hope everybody is staying warm! But hey if you find yourself chilled, go heat up a mug of water. It works and that’s all that matters.

Jamie BartlettConfessions from the Girl Who’s Always Cold


  1. Katie   Reply

    I have never been one to long for Summer…until I moved to northern Missouri. It was 5 degrees outside at my house this morning. I was just complaining to my husband that I am SO tired of being cold! I sleep under a heated blanket, have piles of blankets on the couch, and I use a space heater to heat my bathroom before taking a shower. Sometimes I just stand directly on the floor vents. Come on, Spring.

  2. Blaise   Reply

    Totally with you. In college I lived in this super drafty house and would pull back the bedspread and blow-dry my sheets before jumping in for the night. Worked every time!

  3. Kimberly Campbell   Reply

    I snuggle with my younger son because he is a little heater himself. I take long hot showers and don't want to get out. I eat homemade popcorn at night because my hands will be warm getting it out of the bowl!

  4. Chelsea   Reply

    Omg I loved reading this, this is me all over! My favourite is filling a bowl of hot water and soaking my fingers in it. I have poor circulation so I struggle big time in winter, particularly with my fingers and toes! I don't know how I'd go in colder parts of the world though ..

  5. totravelandbeyond   Reply

    I do the same things! I am anemic so no matter what I am always cold. I work at an office full of guys who always want to keep it cold, so I have a Snuggie at my desk and a mug that I am always filling with hot water. There are still the days when my fingers get so cold they hurt every time I type.

    I long to live in California though, away from Maryland winters!