Stay Cozy

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We’re getting some much needed rain here in SoCal today and it looks like it’s not leaving anytime soon or at least until Monday. We’re going to take full advantage of this rare gloomy weather and wear all our comfy sweaters and cozy socks. There will also be plenty of soup consumption this weekend. Here’s to a relaxing weekend at


Jamie BartlettStay Cozy

Confessions from the Girl Who’s Always Cold

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I spent most of my life in Michigan and Colorado. That makes me pretty used to the cold right? WRONG. That’s what everyone seems to think and are surprised when I’m complaining I’m cold in weather I guess I’m not supposed to be cold in. But it’s not California that has made me soft. I’ve always been this way. So


Jamie BartlettConfessions from the Girl Who’s Always Cold

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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It’s pretty easy to see why the holiday season is called the most wonderful time of the year. We just spent the last two weeks on vacation and let me tell you it was fabulous. One week in Traverse City, Michigan visiting family and one week at home being productive and enjoying some time as just the three of us.


Jamie BartlettThe Most Wonderful Time of the Year

DIY Baby Infinity Scarf on The Proper Pinwheel

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I woke up this morning and it was 37 degrees! That’s freezing for LA (and me). Today is going to be a socks and sweater kind of day for sure. I know to some of you that’s a heat wave, but I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to the cold. Now that winter is here these baby infinity


Jamie BartlettDIY Baby Infinity Scarf on The Proper Pinwheel

My Perfectly Sweet Chai Tea Latte Recipe

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While I’m participating in the WundaBody Challenge I’ve been cutting sugar out of my diet. I think that’s probably been the hardest part for me. Especially in the evenings I usually like to have something sweet. The first week I started the challenge I remember going to Trader Joe’s and seeing that they had just gotten all their seasonal food


Jamie BartlettMy Perfectly Sweet Chai Tea Latte Recipe

DIY Dog Scarf

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you will need: yarn in two colors number 8 knitting needles scissors yarn needle If you don’t know how to knit, check out the Howcast for helpful videos on how to knit. STEP 1: Cast on an even number of stitches. I did 20 stitches. You can do more or less depending on the size of your dog. Using a Rib


Jamie BartlettDIY Dog Scarf

Winter Wonderland Snow Globes

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Christmas is everywhere right now. Blogs are posting holiday gift guides and Christmas cards. Pinterest is almost completly consumed with holiday crafts and recipes; and the stores of course set up there decorations while the kids were out trick or treating. Over the weekend I decided to get in on the festivities and make some snow globe decorations for our mantel. I justified


Jamie BartlettWinter Wonderland Snow Globes

Indoor Winter Party Featured in Styled Magazine

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I never told you guys, but back in December we got an email from Victoria over at A Subtle Revelry asking us if we would be interested in contributing to one of the upcoming issues of Styled Magazine! She saw what we did for our Hot Chocolate Party and loved it. Of course we will take any excuse to throw a


Jamie BartlettIndoor Winter Party Featured in Styled Magazine

Snowshoeing in Northern Michigan

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Since our flight back to LA was cancelled because of the snow storm, we were able to go snowshoeing! My parents live in front of an old cherry orchard, so we took my dog Misty and went through the orchards on snowshoes. It was so much fun! And Misty wore herself out charging through the powdery snow. Jamie dressed up


JakeSnowshoeing in Northern Michigan

Snow Day

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Slippers | Blanket | Hot Chocolate Recipe | Duck Boots | Toboggan | 101 Dalmatians One of my favorite things as a kid was when my mom would come in my room early in the morning while I was still asleep and whisper “it’s a snow day. School is canceled”. That’s the best news any kid could hear. Not only do you


Jamie BartlettSnow Day