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How could I pass up the opportunity to post at 11:11 on 11-11-11? And what better to post at this time than a camera-shy puppydog? We all can use a puppy fix from time to time. Just drop by pinterest to overfill your cute-o-meter. We keep our own collection of cuteness on our puppy board.
JakeEleven – Eleven – Eleven

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  1. whimsy   Reply

    Hey there:) thanks for your sweet comment! So funny, I was the one who emailed you on etsy about Christmas cards! I absolutely love your shop and blog, so now I am a bit of a stalker:) haha but that is what blogs are good for right?:) ha Jk. Well I just love that you and your hubs do it together and you have such amazing work! I wish I knew how to do letterpress, because I love it so much! I def want to get your Christmas cards:)