Watch me Grow: 35 Weeks

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He just keeps on growing. He’s got to stop at some point right? We weighed him just the other day and he’s 56 pounds! What a chunk. We are supposed to start decreasing his food intake today. I have a feeling he isn’t going to be to happy about it. 

Jamie BartlettWatch me Grow: 35 Weeks

Watch Me Grow: 18 Weeks

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Yesterday Pixel started puppy class. I don’t mean to be bias, but he was the cutest one there. He even volunteered a couple times (no joke). The class was really good so far. We even have homework to do before next week.  Our little Pix still has a lot to learn. You know that yellow chair we reupholstered a few weeks ago


Jamie BartlettWatch Me Grow: 18 Weeks

I Love Us

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We’ve been pretty good about taking lots of pictures of Pixel since we got him. His Watch Me Grow series has helped us remember  to take at least one good picture documenting his growth each week. Recently we realized we hadn’t taking any picture of the three of us so we grabbed our camera snapped a few or at least we tried to. It


Jamie BartlettI Love Us

Pixel Gutenberg Bartlett

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We got our Dalmatian puppy on Saturday! We didn’t sleep at all on Friday night because we were way too excited to bring him home. He is even more cute and than I could ever have imagined. It feels like we’re proud parents. Pixel has been doing so well too; he is learning how to walk on his leash, go


Jamie BartlettPixel Gutenberg Bartlett

Perfect Stuff For Your Pooch

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1. Dogit 2-in-1 Durable Bowl 2. How to Raise the Perfect Dog 3. Bags on Board Bone Dispenser  4. Helvetica Treat Tin 5. Zoom Groom Brush 6. Dog Bone Cookie Cutter 7. Bow Tie Collar 8. Organic Granola Dog Treats 9. Lamb Chop Dog Toy It’s official: we get to bring our new puppy home on Saturday! We can’t wait to add the little guy to


Jamie BartlettPerfect Stuff For Your Pooch

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