For the Taking: To Do List

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I’m a big list maker. I can think of a thousand things to do, but I can’t start any of them until I have them all nicely written out on in a list. My favorite part is being able to mark a big black line right through them when I complete the task. Usually, I just find a scrap piece of paper laying around to jot my list on, but eventually throughout the week it’s mistaken for trash a gets thrown away. In an effort to rescue my list from the garbage bin I have put together a weekly to do list that can easily be printed, filled out and hung up at my desk for the week. I wanted to share it with you too so I am making it available to download. After all it is getting to be that busy time of year so we could all benefit from a good to do list to keep us organized and on track!

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Jamie BartlettFor the Taking: To Do List


  1. Donna   Reply

    Thanks, gotta tell you that I really love this! Love that it's a "Things to do" list rather than a to do list! Difference is all in my head but I hate a to do list- something telling me what I have to do! But I love the idea of a Things to do list- me listing things I get to do! Makes a chore become fun! Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous   Reply

    Thank you for sharing! I always have soo many little post it notes laying around that I can't figure out what I'm supposed to be doing and where my notes are! This printable is so cute I'll be forced to use it 😉

  3. Anonymous   Reply

    That's wonderful, many thanks for sharing! 🙂 This will totally keep me organised in the next few weeks in the hectic exam period, and still great design 🙂

  4. Anonymous   Reply

    I've been using this for about 6 weeks now … LOVE it. Works so nicely for my organizational needs and is a single, go-to place to write everything down. THANK YOU!

  5. Swapna   Reply

    Thanks for this – I've been using online to-do lists & on my phone to help me manage and while it gets me through the list somewhat, perhaps having a written down list will be better.

  6. Anonymous   Reply

    mine keeps telling me runtime error and it won't even let me do anything from there.I would really like this for myself and my three children. 🙁