This is Ground

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Between the two of us Jake and I have a decent amount of tech. And with tech comes cords, lots of cords. Most of the time our earphones get “neatly”stuffed in our bag along with chargers and any other things we need. I don’t know how it happens, but I’m pretty sure tiny little creatures find their way into our


Jamie BartlettThis is Ground

Work Happy With Poppin.

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Over the weekend Jake and I rearranged our office. We decided to move some things around and organize a little. Poppin sent us some wonderful things to help our desk stay neat and tidy! When we opened the box of goodies from Poppin, there was a lot of oohing and ahhing going on. Their stuff is so cool! I was especially


Jamie BartlettWork Happy With Poppin.

Things Organized Neatly

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I’m determined to be organized in our new home. Even though it is a bigger space than our past apartment, a new layout has its challenges. On Monday I spent the entire day deciding on how I wanted to layout the kitchen. There were multiple times I changed my mind and rearranged everything. I made a trip to the Container Store and found some


Jamie BartlettThings Organized Neatly

For the Taking: To Do List

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I’m a big list maker. I can think of a thousand things to do, but I can’t start any of them until I have them all nicely written out on in a list. My favorite part is being able to mark a big black line right through them when I complete the task. Usually, I just find a scrap piece of


Jamie BartlettFor the Taking: To Do List