For the Taking: Bridal Shower Printables

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I had so much fun planning and designing everything for my friend’s bridal shower that I decided to share some of the designs I made with you. If you find yourself throwing a bridal shower for a friend you’re more than welcome to put my printables to good use. If you would like to see how I used them, check out the bridal shower post here
And don’t forget to send out invitations to all your guests. Matching letterpress invitations are available in our shop.
Click on any of the images below to download the designs. 

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Jamie BartlettFor the Taking: Bridal Shower Printables


  1. Makayla Vance   Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Now the bridal shower's the least of my problems. My wedding's fast approaching and we're still looking for the perfect diamond rings, tux, gown, and flowers! Here comes the pressure!

  2. Joan Milton   Reply

    Hey thank you for this! I am the maid of honor for my sister's upcoming wedding and I'm going crazy! I'm in charge of everything: from the limo to the caterer and venue. So this small detail for her bridal shower would be less of my worries and is extremely helpful!

  3. Scarlett Timms   Reply

    Your designs are truly lovely! The colors are so pleasant to look at, that's why I wore the same color of jewelry when I distributed these. I really love the combination! All the recipients thought I bought them from a high class store, so I just sent them your link. Hope to see more from you, and thank you!

  4. Lucy Gellatly   Reply

    Thank you for this. My sister loves pink and dots, so I had this printed on a pocket folder for her to use when compiling papers on her upcoming wedding. And she wants your design for her invitations too. Thank you!

  5. Matt Carlton   Reply

    Such a nicely-designed souvenir from a wedding event. One of the things I'm looking forward to a wedding apart from the ceremony, is the uniqueness the giveaways they are going to share to the attendees. You know, it is just amazing to know that couples could come up with such an amazing souvenir idea.

  6. Lilly Dennis   Reply

    This would be a good souvenir to friends and guests. What I would do is add a little customization and doodle on the prints. Giving them something that is personalized is worth it.

  7. Nicole Gibbs   Reply

    As time passes by, I observed that most of the couples who are getting married are thinking of a something more unique than the usual ones as their own giveaway. I think it's pretty cool that couples are thinking hard about what's a unique gift they could provide to everyone as a reminder of their love for each other.