The Art of the Movie Title

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Right now I’m working on an animated lyric video for my friend’s band, Floorplan. It’s one of the most fun projects I’ve been able to work on, but man — it’s taking a lot of time to design. While scouring the internet for inspiration, I stumbled across The Movie Title Stills Collection by web and graphic designer Christian Annyas. This little gem of a website is a collection of still frames of titles and opening credits from movies spanning the entire history of cinema.

Not only does Christian collect high quality stills, but he also identifies many of the typefaces used! That’s an extremely helpful addition when you’re trying to recreate a specific look as closely as possible.

Christian has even put together a section dedicated to Saul Bass’ title sequences; as well as a series of “The End” cards from Warner Bros. and Metro Goldwyn Mayer. And if you ever wanted to see all of Wes Anderson’s titles compiled into one post, check that out too!

JakeThe Art of the Movie Title