Paintings for Ants

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It’s stuff like this that amazes me. Each day Lorraine Loots creates a miniature painting that is surprisingly detailed for its size. It’s so inspiring to see artists so dedicated to their work and loving what they do. The 365 days ended in December, but Lorraine didn’t have the heart to stop, and why should she? These are just amazing.


Jamie BartlettPaintings for Ants

Let Them Eat Cake

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You know Jordan Ferney from the blog Oh Happy Day? I got to meet her while I was at ALT in January. She was so sweet and just so happens to run one of the best party blogs; which makes this project so perfect! Jordan and her husband Paul, who is an amazing painter, collaborated on this project called Let


Jamie BartlettLet Them Eat Cake

Still Life by Arnout van Albada

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I have to admit I was never a big fan of still life paintings while studying art throughout highschool and college . Lately though, they’ve been growing on me. These ones by Netherlands based artist Arnout van Albada are quite amazing. How about a jello mold instead of a fruit basket?

Jamie BartlettStill Life by Arnout van Albada

Decorate Your Desktop: 04

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Desktop | iPhone | iPhone5 | Android Growing up my mom always had a big box of Pop Ice in our freezer (I’m told out here in California they refer to them as Otter Pops). I ate those things like they were going out of style. Blue of couse was my favorite. Why did they even bother making the green? That and


Jamie BartlettDecorate Your Desktop: 04

Quick & Easy Watercolor Valentines.

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To be honest I wasn’t quite ready for this week to start. Jake and I didn’t get much of a weekend. Jake was off being a zombie all weekend (literally). He left early every morning and didn’t get back until late. And since it was just Pixel and I at home I decided to be productive and do some much


Jamie BartlettQuick & Easy Watercolor Valentines.

Janet Hill Paintings

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I’m quickly discovering there are not enough walls in our apartment for all the art I want to hang on them. I’m hoping I can squeeze in one more of these paintings by Janet Hill. I just recently came across her work and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite painters. I love the dramatic colors and quirky subject


Jamie BartlettJanet Hill Paintings

Real Simple Paintings

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Aren’t these paintings so fun? Katie from Paperfashion had the idea to take everyday food items and simplify them as much as possible. It’s not as simple as you may think. This would be a perfect afternoon exercise to refresh your creative juices.

Jamie BartlettReal Simple Paintings