Oh, Technology!: LetterMpress

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I came across this amazing letterpress app being developed for iPads the other day. The video explains everything, but you basically get to do everything involved with making a print on a letterpress, but on an iPad. The designs can be multiple colors, use multiple fonts, and be exported as an image or sent to a printer. To learn more about it check out this video:
The app is finishing it’s funding stage tomorrow. Their goal was $15,000 in order to purchase the amount of wood type they want to make available; but more than double that amount was pledged. After the app is released, they plan on making the program available on other formats. My favorite thing about their plan is that eventually they want to make custom letterpress prints available of designs submitted by the user. So even though someone may not have a letterpress or any of the supplies they need, they could still design with representations of real wood type and have their art produced on a real letterpress. If I had an iPad, I would definitely be buying this app (even though I already own a letterpress). Two thumbs up LetterMpress!
JakeOh, Technology!: LetterMpress