This is Ground

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Between the two of us Jake and I have a decent amount of tech. And with tech comes cords, lots of cords. Most of the time our earphones get “neatly”stuffed in our bag along with chargers and any other things we need. I don’t know how it happens, but I’m pretty sure tiny little creatures find their way into our


Jamie BartlettThis is Ground

New Tech: Surface Pro 2

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I love Jake. He really is the best husband I could ever ask for. Besides just being so stinkin’ cute, he is the most loving selfless person and he always wants to make my life easier. Wacom has had their Cintiq tablets that let you draw right on the screen for a while now. I was never really able to


Jamie BartlettNew Tech: Surface Pro 2

Win an ipad Mini

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Corina from Cocorrina is celebrating her two year blog anniversary! And to celebrate she is giving away an iPad mini. Pretty awesome right? I’m so excited to be a part of her celebration. She is one awesome blogger and person. Congrats on two years Corina! I can’t wait to follow along over the next two years. You can enter the


Jamie BartlettWin an ipad Mini

Canon EOS 70D: More or Less a Review

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Prepare yourself for a bit of geekery; Jamie and I recently upgraded to a new digital camera, so I wanted to share some things we really like about it so far. It’s the new Canon EOS 70D DSLR with the EF-S 17mm-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens! What I like most about this camera is all of the little things they crammed


JakeCanon EOS 70D: More or Less a Review

Rifle Paper CO iPhone Cases

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You know how much we love Rifle Paper Co. around here. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw they just released iphone cases! They are all so great. I can’t decide what one I like best. What one is your favorite?

Jamie BartlettRifle Paper CO iPhone Cases

Finders Keepers: Google Glass

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I found another video yesterday that really got me pumped up, so Jamie’s letting me post two days in a row :). Google has been developing a headset that let’s you do all kinds of cool stuff — hands free. I’ll let the video explain everything for you. Don’t you just love technology? Google is taking applications for people who want to


JakeFinders Keepers: Google Glass

Finders Keepers: DIY Eraser USB

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via Instructables When I was in college my usb drive was one of my prized possessions. I used it constantly to take files to the mac lab or show my projects in class for critique. I would have totally geeked mine out like this. The best part is, it could even be used as an eraser when sketching. This really is the perfect multi-purpose usb drive for any artist.


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: DIY Eraser USB

Finders Keepers: My Pantone

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Here’s an app I would probably not only find useful, but also fun to play around with. MyPantone will even capture colors from pictures on your phone and then create harmonious color palettes. I’d love to have the Pantone library at my finger tips. 

Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: My Pantone

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