Finders Keepers: Wacom Inkling

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Wacom has been making pressure sensitive digital drawing tablets for over 25 years now. The tablets allow you to use a stylus pen to more organically draw on a computer. In 2009 I purchased my first tablet, and Jamie and I have used it on a number of projects. It’s very effective, but definitely takes a lot of practice, and doesn’t always look exactly like an actual hand drawn sketch. One of the biggest reasons it’s difficult is because you have to look at your computer screen, not your drawing surface, to see what you’re drawing. But Wacom’s latest model, the Inkling, eliminates the tablet itself and lets you draw right in your sketchbook like a normal drawing! It’s a revolutionary concept, and I can’t wait to see how well it works.
JakeFinders Keepers: Wacom Inkling