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Yesterday I told you a little bit about our Christmas party that we had over the weekend. This year we decided to have a hot chocolate themed party. I have lots of pictures to share with you and even free printables you can download if you have the urge to throw a seriously sweet party. Cold weather is here to stay, what better an excuse to grab a few friends and sip on something sweet that is sure to warm you up from your toes to your nose! 
For our party we sent out these invites in the mail a few weeks ahead of time so our friends could be sure to mark the date on their calendars. Jake and I purchased some plain white mugs from Home Goods for really cheap (just over one dollar per mug) and decorated each one differently with a Pebeo Porcelain Pen. When our guests arrived they picked the mug design they liked best, used it for their cocoa throughout the night and then took it home as our gift to them. They were a big hit with everyone, plus they were really fun and easy to make! 
We stocked the hot chocolate bar with candy canes, marshmallows, chocolate filled wafers, and vanilla syrup. We also served frosted sugar cookies and pretzels to add a touch of salt to all the sweet. We also sent our guests home with an additional hot chocolate on a stick, wrapped and taged, ready for the next time they’re in need of something warm to drink. 
I’ve decided I really like throwing parties. Not only do we get to spend time with our friends, but it gives me an excuse to design some cute stuff that I can share with my friends and all of you. You can download and print any of the artwork I designed for our party by clicking on the links below.


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Jamie BartlettHot Chocolate Party & Printables


  1. Katherine Ross   Reply

    AAH I love everything about this!! Your friends are so lucky 🙂 I've been wanting to throw some sort of party for a while now… this sparks so many ideas. Not to mention you could make it a wintery hot chocolate party, and host it in January or even February. So great!

    Did you use a ceramic pen on the mugs?

  2. Tara   Reply

    PLEASE tell me where in the world do you get the candy cane striped yarn in the picture w/ the invitation? I had some come on a candle I bought from anthropologie and made a few gift tags with it and am in love! I can't find it anywhere!

  3. Anonymous   Reply

    Can you tell me how you heated the milk for your party? Is that a crock pot of milk in the background? I am just wondering how to do this without heating milk on the stove during the party.

  4. Cindy   Reply

    Great idea. I just made the cocoa squares and can't wait to try them out. Will be setting this out for this weekend's xmas party. I think I will use your printables too. Thanks!

  5. Domestica   Reply

    Once again, I find myself at Pair of Pears looking for a great solution to my dilemma and you never let me down! Our neighborhood has a huge holiday celebration coming up – hundreds of people. Think your hot chocolate bar's the ticket! I'll be certain to make sure our guests know where to get their own printables! XXOO

  6. Anonymous   Reply

    Thank you for saying 'free printables' and actually giving them for free! Most of the time when you click you have to suddenly buy the printables advertised as free. I'm attempting something like this over Christmas, hope it turns out as fab as yours. Happy holidays 🙂

  7. Brianna   Reply

    I absolutely love this idea and I'm hosting my own Hot Chocolate Party this Thursday!
    I adore the idea of hanging snowflakes above the table… I'm planning on makeing some out of old book pages as well, and having red vintage books be a style staple for the decorations.
    My question is… are the snowflakes attached to the ceiling in your picture, or what? What are they attached with? I would assume masking or mavelous tape would work.
    Thank you so much for the fantastic idea and the gorgeous printables! I love what you guys do, please don't ever stop!

    1. apairofpears   Reply

      Awesome Brianna! Hot Chocolate parties are so fun. All of our guest loved them so I'm sure yours will too. We just hung the snowflakes from the ceiling with clear tape like you use for gift wrapping. Have fun at your party!