The Original 101 Dalmatians

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We are so excited about what we snatched up the other day; The original 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith! There is no way we could pass this up and it’s in such good condition. The cover art is so lovely and I just can’t get over the puppy illustration on the hard cover and the inside of the book. I can’t wait to read through this book and see how the story was originally written. 
I couldn’t help but snap a photo of our Dal. He is sound asleep while I’m busy taking pictures. I think he as become imune to the shutter sound of our camera. 

Jamie BartlettThe Original 101 Dalmatians


  1. Sammi   Reply

    Oh my gosh. I own this book (which is a WONDERFUL book and is FAR better than the movie – and I like the movie!), but it's certainly not this gorgeous! Mine has a cover with a picture from the Disney version on it, so my edition must have been released right around the time of the movie, but all of the little illustrations within are the original, darling ones you have. It's one of my favorite books, both from my childhood and now!

    xox Sammi