Better Together

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I probably say this every year but I can’t believe it’s already been four years since I married my Jake. My life is forever better because of him and I am beyond honored and blessed to call him mine. Each year is better than the last. And if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, today is also our fur baby’s second


Jamie BartlettBetter Together

DIY: Dog Bandana

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You will need: Fabric Measuring tape Fabric marker Scissors Pins Sewing needle Sewing machine Thread Button STEP 1: Lay out your fabric flat and from one of the corners measure 15 1/2 inches in both directions. Mark it with your fabric marker. STEP 2: From the corner you measured, fold your fabric over at your marks to form a double


Jamie BartlettDIY: Dog Bandana

Labor Day Weekend

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Besides starting our new collaborative project over the weekend, we spent a good amount of time at the dog park snapping photos with our new camera. We had a few people ask us to do a review on our camera so we plan to do that soon once we have a little more time to play with it. So far


Jamie BartlettLabor Day Weekend

Our Weekend

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I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. It’s pretty hard not to when the sun is shining and you have time to just relax with your family. That’s what weekends at the Bartlett’s are all about. We spent a lot of time at the dog park with Pixel making new friends and then coming home and spending the afternoon on the couch


Jamie BartlettOur Weekend

The Original 101 Dalmatians

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We are so excited about what we snatched up the other day; The original 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith! There is no way we could pass this up and it’s in such good condition. The cover art is so lovely and I just can’t get over the puppy illustration on the hard cover and the inside of the book. I can’t wait to read


Jamie BartlettThe Original 101 Dalmatians

Pixel’s First Birthday

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    Happy Birthday to our little Pixel. Today he is one year old! We have loved watching him grow. It’s hard to believe how little he used to be, but he is still as cuddly as ever. Size doesn’t matter to him (or us). On Sunday we gathered all our friends together along with their pups and threw Pixel


Jamie BartlettPixel’s First Birthday

Watch Me Grow: 1 Year Old

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Today is the day our little guy was born. What an amazing year it’s been! We love Pixel so much, and are so happy he’s in our life. This will be the last Watch Me Grow post, so here’s a little tribute to the last year.

JakeWatch Me Grow: 1 Year Old

Our Family Photo Session with Steph

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We don’t often post pictures of ourselves here on the blog. Mostly because  we tend to be the ones behind the camera documenting whatever is going on. I guess I should start handing off the camera more. A few weeks ago we asked our friend Stephanie (who is a photographer here in the LA area) to take a few shots of


Jamie BartlettOur Family Photo Session with Steph

Watch Me Grow: 10 Months

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Pixel is growing up to be quite a handsome pup. He started his intermediate training class two weeks ago and is quickly learning to heel when we go on walks. Sorry squirrels, you’ll have to play with the next pup that comes by.   

Jamie BartlettWatch Me Grow: 10 Months

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