Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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Jake and I really aren’t that into sports. We don’t make our schedules around when the games are on and we don’t have a lot of team paraphernalia decorating our home. But we do like to occasionally watch a few games here and there and when we do we really enjoy it.

Over the weekend we caught a Dodger’s game with some of our friends. Jake and I suited up in our team caps (represent!) because it’s just a darn shame to go to a baseball game without a baseball hat. Then we dutifully got a dodger dog and a cold one to go with it. It’s the American thing to do. 
I felt really weird taking a picture of the sign for the womens bathroom. But isn’t it strangely lovely? 
I kept hope some guy would come around shouting “Peanuts, get your peanuts” but he never did. Just a water boy and and Ice cream man. 

We sat in the blazing sun, cheered on our team, and sang Take Me Out to the Ball Game at the top of our lungs all alongside our friends. It was a good fun day.

Jamie BartlettTake Me Out to the Ball Game