4th of July Wedding Collaboration

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It never ceases to amaze me all the wonderful talented people I get to meet through our blog and social media. A few weeks ago Jenna Bechtholt who is a wonderful photographer here in LA contacted me about collaborating on a styled wedding shoot. As soon as she mentioned that the theme for the wedding was the 4th of July


Jamie Bartlett4th of July Wedding Collaboration

Caught on Film with Haley Sheffield

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The cyber world is pretty amazing; especially for creatives. There are so many awesome talented people sharing what they do all around the internet. It’s inspiring to follow along and sometimes if you’re lucky you get to meet them in person, and even be a part of their work. Last fall Haley Sheffield came out to LA. We had “met” through


Jamie BartlettCaught on Film with Haley Sheffield

Weekend Forecast

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I’m predicting sunny days, BBQs and afternoons by the pool this weekend. See you Monday!

Jamie BartlettWeekend Forecast

This is Ground

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Between the two of us Jake and I have a decent amount of tech. And with tech comes cords, lots of cords. Most of the time our earphones get “neatly”stuffed in our bag along with chargers and any other things we need. I don’t know how it happens, but I’m pretty sure tiny little creatures find their way into our


Jamie BartlettThis is Ground

WundaBody Challenge: PT 2

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I thought it was time I gave you an update on the WundaBody Challenge I have been doing. If you missed my first post about it, you can find it here. The challenge is, well, exactly that — a challenge. I’m going to be honest here; the first week sucked. My body was detoxing from not having any of those


Jamie BartlettWundaBody Challenge: PT 2

I Like A Good Challenge

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I consider myself a pretty healthy person. We don’t eat much fast food or drink sugar loaded beverages. I actually really like eating veggies (I can’t say the same for Jake). But of course like any sane person I enjoy my fair share of chocolate. Ok let’s just broaden that and say my fair share of dessert. So as an


Jamie BartlettI Like A Good Challenge

Street Food Cinema

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It was Jake’s birthday this weekend! So we invited a few friends, packed up our pups and celebrated by spending the evening at Street Food Cinema. This month they were showing Princess Bride. Such a classic right?  Fun Fact: Princess Bride was the first movie Jake and I ever watched together freshman year.  I love that my best friend has


Jamie BartlettStreet Food Cinema

His & Hers: Why We Love LA

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We love our city. There are a lot of things that we love about it, but mostly we love it for two very different reasons. I took my picture while walking to church on Sunday. After showing it to Jake, he thought it would be funny to take an identical picture with something he loved about LA. I can always


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Why We Love LA

This Makes for a Pretty Good Day

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I didn’t post yesterday, but for a good reason. I spent the morning and afternoon hanging out with Haley Sheffield! She is visiting California and came into LA for the day. Jake and I picked her up from the train station bright and early and went a did a beautiful photoshoot with her. Who knew the light could be so


Jamie BartlettThis Makes for a Pretty Good Day

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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Jake and I really aren’t that into sports. We don’t make our schedules around when the games are on and we don’t have a lot of team paraphernalia decorating our home. But we do like to occasionally watch a few games here and there and when we do we really enjoy it. Over the weekend we caught a Dodger’s game


Jamie BartlettTake Me Out to the Ball Game

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