Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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Jake and I really aren’t that into sports. We don’t make our schedules around when the games are on and we don’t have a lot of team paraphernalia decorating our home. But we do like to occasionally watch a few games here and there and when we do we really enjoy it. Over the weekend we caught a Dodger’s game


Jamie BartlettTake Me Out to the Ball Game

Our Family Photo Session with Steph

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We don’t often post pictures of ourselves here on the blog. Mostly because  we tend to be the ones behind the camera documenting whatever is going on. I guess I should start handing off the camera more. A few weeks ago we asked our friend Stephanie (who is a photographer here in the LA area) to take a few shots of


Jamie BartlettOur Family Photo Session with Steph

I Love My City

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When Jake and I decided we would start our married life together in Los Angeles, we always had it in the back of our minds that when we wanted to have kids or buy a house, we would move out of California (or at least Los Angeles). It wasn’t until about a month ago that I really started loving California.


Jamie BartlettI Love My City

Paul McCartney in Hollywood

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Jamie and I were fortunate enough to get a clear view of Sir Paul McCartney receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday afternoon! There were hundreds of people there, and we were a good 75 feet away from the podium. Luckily, Jamie was able to see through the crowd, and I had long enough arms to get my camera


JakePaul McCartney in Hollywood

City Scout

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I’ll admit Jake and I aren’t the most adventurous people when it comes to exploring the city we live in. It’s such a huge city, and can be a little overwhelming at times. All the options make it so hard to choose. But we did end up finding a really good sushi place the other day!  Recently I came across this website called City Scout. It’s


Jamie BartlettCity Scout