In Motion: Typesetter Blues

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I found a gem of an animation for you today! Instead of me talking about it, just watch it. You’ll be glad you did!

I would LOVE to make a short story animation like this someday! Everything from the look, to the narration, the music, the topic — it’s all so good! Be sure to check out their other story done in the same style too.
JakeIn Motion: Typesetter Blues


  1. StamfordNotes   Reply

    Would you want to collaborate on a children's book? I love to write, but I need a new challenge. I used to write a community blog ( but I stopped when it felt like "work." I want to write something that would make my son giggle – but I sure can't draw…

    1. apairofpears   Reply

      Funny you ask. We are actually currently collaborating with some writers on a children's book. We'll have to see how that project goes. You should still write it. I'm sure your son would LOVE it!