In Motion: Inside The Edit

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THE EDITOR from Inside The Edit on Vimeo. I came across this video today on Facebook. Not only does it tell the story of what a good editor actually has to do, it’s also animated beautifully! This animation is exactly the kind of work I (Jake) love to do. And I also love to edit videos, so it gets a


JakeIn Motion: Inside The Edit

In Motion: WWF Parallax Sequence

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WWF PARALLAX SEQUENCE from Make Productions on Vimeo. This video from Make Productions is unbelievable because it is made up entirely of still photos. The team painstakingly cut out all of the elements of the photos in photoshop, took them into after effects, and animated them to look like they were slow-motion video. I’ve messed around with this style of


JakeIn Motion: WWF Parallax Sequence

In Motion: Typesetter Blues

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I found a gem of an animation for you today! Instead of me talking about it, just watch it. You’ll be glad you did! Typesetter Blues from TOGETHER on Vimeo. I would LOVE to make a short story animation like this someday! Everything from the look, to the narration, the music, the topic — it’s all so good! Be sure


JakeIn Motion: Typesetter Blues

In Motion: The Pixel Painter

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I found a short documentary this morning and just had to share it. Check out the story of a 97 year old typographer who uses microsoft paint to create amazing works of art. The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

JakeIn Motion: The Pixel Painter

In Motion: Animation Exercise Pt. 2

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Today I thought I’d share a roundup of all the animation experiments I’ve created since my original experiments post. Let me know what you think! Oo-De-Lally from Jake Bartlett on Vimeo. Messy Geometry from Jake Bartlett on Vimeo. Moon from Jake Bartlett on Vimeo. Exmarks from Jake Bartlett on Vimeo. Fireflies from Jake Bartlett on Vimeo. Pointy Objects from Jake


JakeIn Motion: Animation Exercise Pt. 2

In Motion: End Scene

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Every once in a while I find something online that is mind-blowingly inspiring to me. This animated music video from Steffen Bygebjerg is one of those things. At first glance it might not seem like much, but after reading Steffen’s description of how it was made, I was dumbfounded. After animating the entire video in after effects, Steffen printed out


JakeIn Motion: End Scene


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Get ready for your brain to hurt; today’s video is mind-bendingly cool. Screengrab is an experimental video combining printed out still frames from video, combined with actual footage from the same video. It’s pretty easy to follow at first, but once the video really gets moving it’s easy to not realize what’s printed out and what live footage. Check it



In Motion: Panera Bread

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Jamie and I love eating at Panera Bread. I typically get a broccoli cheddar bread bowl, and she loves the chicken and wild rice soup. Today I found an awesome video Panera made telling some of their story through a Rube Goldberg machine. Check it out below: Panera Bread from 1stAveMachine on Vimeo. When a company makes a commercial this good, I have no


JakeIn Motion: Panera Bread

In Motion: Stop Motion Animation ‘Grindin’

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Here is a stop motion music video that must’ve taken months to complete. It’s so impressive what the animator came up with using blocks of colored wood. Nobody Beats The Drum – Grindin’ from Nobody Beats The Drum on Vimeo. I don’t think I could ever devote so much time to one project like this. It must take a lot


JakeIn Motion: Stop Motion Animation ‘Grindin’

In Motion: History of Nintendo

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Today I have an awesome motion graphics video for you. This is a visual history of Nintendo up to 2012 by Anthony Veloso and Quentin Dron. Check it out: What I love most about this animation is that they took the time to pick out great textures to lay over the vector illustrations. It gives the flat shapes and colors a


JakeIn Motion: History of Nintendo

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