I Like A Good Challenge

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I consider myself a pretty healthy person. We don’t eat much fast food or drink sugar loaded beverages. I actually really like eating veggies (I can’t say the same for Jake). But of course like any sane person I enjoy my fair share of chocolate. Ok let’s just broaden that and say my fair share of dessert. So as an effort to keep that chocolate cake off my thighs, I’ve been taking Pilates classes since February at WundaBar Pilates. It’s such a great workout. I love it. I feel much stronger and healthier than I did 8 months ago.

Now that I’ve been sticking to a pretty regular workout plan the next thing on my list is to make sure I’m eating what’s right for my body. WundaBar just started their WundaBody Challenge and when they asked me to join them I jumped on that bandwagon without looking back. Ok well actually I was excited and nervous about the whole challenge. The Wundabody Challenge consists of 8 weeks where you take Pilates classes and follow The Virgin Diet. I know I know, awful name right? It’s the author’s last name. But still I constantly wonder what she was thinking when she decided on the title for her book. Anyway…The Virgin Diet is an elimination diet. You start by eliminating certain foods from your diet (Soy, Corn, Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Eggs, and Peanuts) and then once your body is clean of those foods you start adding them back in to see how your body reacts. The idea is to see if you have any food intolerances you might not realize that can make you feel tired all the time, give you brain fog, acne, or even more seriously cause muscle pain or autoimmune diseases. The list goes on. I thankfully don’t suffer from muscle pain (besides the good pain my Pilates class causes every week) or an autoimmune disease. But I do personally know three people who have; and after doing this diet they have learned what foods trigger those symptoms so that in the future they can avoid them. It’s amazing to me how the food you eat can have such an effect on your health and wellness.

I’m going into this challenge not really with a weight loss goal (but let’s be honest I’m not going to sit in the corner and cry if I lose five pounds) but more as a way for me to pay more attention to my body and what it’s telling me when I eat certain foods. Sometimes I feel groggy, have headaches or can be pretty moody and for all I know those could be symptoms of a food intolerance. This is something I’m really excited about and I can’t wait to share my progress with you. I’m already a pretty big advocate for, and believer in, Wundabar. So I’m excited where this is going to take me.

I don’t talk much about health here on our blog, but it is something that is important to me and something I am in the process of learning more about. I hope you don’t mind as I do a little exploring. Maybe you will even learn something too!

Disclosure: WundaBar Pilates has graciously offered the WundaBody challenge to me in exchange for sharing my experience (good or bad) here on our blog. The content of my posts are my honest opinions and experiences and are not influenced by WundaBar. 

Jamie BartlettI Like A Good Challenge