Stay Cozy

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We’re getting some much needed rain here in SoCal today and it looks like it’s not leaving anytime soon or at least until Monday. We’re going to take full advantage of this rare gloomy weather and wear all our comfy sweaters and cozy socks. There will also be plenty of soup consumption this weekend. Here’s to a relaxing weekend at home with the fam. Stay Cozy.

Jamie BartlettStay Cozy


  1. Dusty   Reply

    I am glad you are guys going to enjoy it! Here in Olympia, Washington it is finally sunny! Sun here feels so rare so Brian and I took advantage of it. granted it's still pretty chilly outside, but at least the skies are blue!

  2. Jamie Pilgrim   Reply

    Oh! Those are the best cozy day socks 🙂

    I'm having that same feeling as we get even more INCHES of snow. Rain would actually be welcoming at this point!

    Enjoy your coziness 🙂
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