Happy Hot Dog Season

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Sources: 1. hot dog with sauerkraut 2. prolonged daschund art print 3. frank dog poster 4. hawaiian-style hot dog 5. “paper” hot dog trays 6. bacon wrapped sonoran hot dog 7. truecoffee hot dog packaging 8. hot dog mystery print

Happy hot dog season! At our house we love a good grilled hot dog, preferably a little burnt. Jake likes his plain (like most foods) or maybe some cheese. I like to top mine with a little ketchup, a sliced tomato and sometimes a few onions to add a nice crunch. Although I am open to trying more of a gourmet hot dog like the Hawaiian-Style Dog that is topped with mango salsa. What’s your favorite way to top a dog?
Jamie BartlettHappy Hot Dog Season


  1. Julie B.   Reply

    I love almost any kind of hot dog, but especially Koegel's Viennas! With skins! MMMM! And sweet relish, onions, mustard, and whatever.