Trader Joe’s Packaging

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I love grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s for many reasons. It’s walking distance from our apartment. They have less options; which means faster/easier shopping for a girl who always wants to see all her options before she picks anything. Their ingredient lists often only has a few items listed, all off which I can recognize/pronounce. And I love shopping there


Jamie BartlettTrader Joe’s Packaging

Printable Gift Tags

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Download at Eat Drink Chic Download at Love vs. Design Download at Design* Sponge download at Swoon Download at Sea Urchin Studio Download at Hey Look Download at Creative Index I am happy to say that we finished our Christmas gift shopping yesterday. Now comes the fun part, making them into pretty little packages to set under the tree. Last week


Jamie BartlettPrintable Gift Tags

Finders Keepers: Handmade Packaging Workshop

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The title about says it all. It’s enough for me to snatch this book right up. I was also over on Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard this week. Be sure to check out my Fall Package For a Friend post. And just in case you missed it, there are some sweet Halloween printables that I got to design for The Sweetest Occasion over on there blog.

Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Handmade Packaging Workshop

Work In Progress

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I don’t usually show people what I’m working on before it’s done, it makes be feel vulnerable. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about. Today, I’m sucking it up and showing you what I’ve been working on in my free time. After I’ve gotten all caught up on client work I’ve been trying to squeeze in a few designs for


Jamie BartlettWork In Progress

Happy Hot Dog Season

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Sources: 1. hot dog with sauerkraut 2. prolonged daschund art print 3. frank dog poster 4. hawaiian-style hot dog 5. “paper” hot dog trays 6. bacon wrapped sonoran hot dog 7. truecoffee hot dog packaging 8. hot dog mystery print Happy hot dog season! At our house we love a good grilled hot dog, preferably a little burnt. Jake likes


Jamie BartlettHappy Hot Dog Season

Wine Bottle Packaging

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Jake and I know very little about wine. My knowledge on the subject doesn’t extend far from knowing that red wine is served at room temperature while white wine is chilled. That is right, right? Beyond that, it’s just a blur. I’ll be the first to admit that when Jake and I stroll through the wine isle with hopes of making our


Jamie BartlettWine Bottle Packaging

Finders Keepers: Cuppow

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Ok, are you ready for this weeks Finders Keepers? Because it sure is a keeper. Cuppow is one of the best inventions I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a drinking lid for a mason jar! Simple, right? Yep, but also brilliant. There are so many great uses for mason jars these days. Anything from serving dessert–to your weekend craft


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Cuppow

Pleasant Surprise from Poppytalk

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A couple weeks ago Poppytalk blogged about redesigning their site. They were asking for the readers options. If you left a comment you could be selected to win a $25 gift from their handmade market. So of course Jake and I left a comment, but I really wasn’t expecting to win. It seems to me, I’m one of those people


Jamie BartlettPleasant Surprise from Poppytalk

Finders Keepers: 125 Years of Coca-Cola

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Source: Selfridges & Co. In Celebration of Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary, they are reproducing the original bottle that Coke came in way back in 1886. Unfortunately, the only place I found them for sale is at Selfridges & Co. for £1.99. How come the Brits always get all the good stuff? 

Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: 125 Years of Coca-Cola

Morning Brew: Pasta Packaging

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I really think that if food companies started designing their packaging more like this, they’d have a lot more people my age buying their products. This packaging would win me over any day. I’d want to buy them all just to make my kitchen cabinet look so well designed.  Source: Erik Johansson

JakeMorning Brew: Pasta Packaging