Watch Me Grow: 18 Weeks

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Yesterday Pixel started puppy class. I don’t mean to be bias, but he was the cutest one there. He even volunteered a couple times (no joke). The class was really good so far. We even have homework to do before next week. 
Our little Pix still has a lot to learn. You know that yellow chair we reupholstered a few weeks ago (the one he is sitting on)? Well I left the little guy alone for literally one minute and I come back and he not only left chew marks on one of the arms, but complete bit off the corner. I guess the project isn’t done yet. I can’t stay mad at him for long though. Right now he is sleeping like a little babe on his bed and I just want to go kiss him on his face. 
Jamie BartlettWatch Me Grow: 18 Weeks