Watch me Grow: 35 Weeks

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He just keeps on growing. He’s got to stop at some point right? We weighed him just the other day and he’s 56 pounds! What a chunk. We are supposed to start decreasing his food intake today. I have a feeling he isn’t going to be to happy about it. 

Jamie BartlettWatch me Grow: 35 Weeks


    1. apairofpears   Reply

      We were just laughing about how silly he looks in that big bow tie in his first picture. It's not so big on him anymore. You should definitely take pictures like this of your next puppy. It is so fun to watch them grow since you don't really notice it when you are with them.

  1. emi   Reply

    okay i am obsessed with your blog, and even more now that i see you're a dog owner and lover! we want a dalmatian! love it. now following..XO