Let’s Play Nice

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Jake and I love blogs. Whoever invented these little things is brilliant. I love being able to get an inside look into the everyday lives of people I’ve never met, but now call friends. I love that I get to watch babies grow up, couples get married, and even seemingly insignificant events in bloggers lives. That’s why Jake and I


Jamie BartlettLet’s Play Nice

Goodbye Google Reader

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I’m sure most of you have already heard but just in case a few of you haven’t, Google Reader is shutting down as of July 1st. I think it’s silly and don’t really understand why but it is what it is and we must move on. Do you know what reader you’re going to switch to? I’ve mentioned it before


Jamie BartlettGoodbye Google Reader

Today We’re on The Etsy Blog

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We sure do love Etsy around here and today we so excited to say we are on their blog as a guest curator! We had so much fun scouring through the art on Etsy to find some of our favorite pieces for this post. Colorful, custom, typographic, it’s all there! Go to Etsy to see our post.

Jamie BartlettToday We’re on The Etsy Blog

Finders Keepers: The Fauxmartha

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This find is a little different then the usual Finders Keepers posts. Have you ever heard of The Fauxmartha? Melissa is an amazing tallented graphic designer and food enthusiast that just so happens to have the same alma mater as Jake and I! I recognized her profile picture on the Alt Summit facebook group and contacted her right away. How cool is it that we


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: The Fauxmartha

Finders Keepers: Blog Inc.

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Here is a fun book trailer of the next book I have on my list. Has anyone read this one yet? 

Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Blog Inc.

Guest Posting At Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

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Good morning readers! Today I am over at Yellow Bird Yellow Beard. Janee and her husband are in the process of moving and she asked if I would write a guest post while she is away. Of course I was happy to help out. Head over there to read my post and while you’re at it take a look around


Jamie BartlettGuest Posting At Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

Paint By Numbers

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Did you ever do paint by numbers as a kid? I think I tried my hand at it a few times. Well Katie from Katie’s Pencil Box has come up with the most brilliant idea ever, no really! Inspired by two different vintage paint by numbers pieces, she made her own mural for her son’s little art studio. The best part is that she


Jamie BartlettPaint By Numbers

Dearest Nature

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A few months ago Donaville from Discover Paper emailed me and told me about a project she had been working on for a while now. She was starting a blog and online magazine called Dearest Nature featuring all things related to the great outdoors. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? But that’s not even the most exciting part. She asked me if I would be


Jamie BartlettDearest Nature

Featured on August Empress

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Jake and I put a lot of thought into our blog design. It’s come a long way from when we first started the blog and put a banner together in 10 minutes. We’re proud of what we’ve done and we are proud that it was featured on August Empress for the design and color/colour combination. Jo described it as rustic, organic and


Jamie BartlettFeatured on August Empress